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Diablo III Server status page 0

Diablo III Server status page

If you want to be informed about the Diablo III game-server and Auction House status, you can check it here: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/status It is also available as Android App in the play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.eluamous.d3serverstatus If...

World of Warcraft now Free2Play 0

World of Warcraft now Free2Play

With the lates patch, Blizzard turned WoW into a Free2Play game. You are just restricted to have not more than 10 gold, can not join guilds and your character is limited to level 20....

Starcraft II: Second Beta announced

Starcraft II: Second Beta announced

If had no chance to participate in the first beta, you may have more luck now:

There is a second beta for SC2 starting on Juli, 19th 2010
All stats will be reset to let all players start on zero for the second run …

Starcraft2 – Beta Sountrack for Download

Starcraft2 – Beta Sountrack for Download

For all these, who can participate the SC2-beta, here is something, that might help you 😛

A downladable SC2-Beta Soundtrack. It contains:


Download it HERE [url=http://starcraft-2.gamersunity.de/getdl_617_12667873506179067]Download @ dl.gamersunity.de[/url]

Found here: [url=http://starcraft-2.gamersunity.de/text10885/beta-soundtrack-m-download.html]starcraft-2.gamersunity.de[/url]

Blizzard new Battle.net preview video

Blizzard new Battle.net preview video

Today I found a nice video, that shows the main features and ideas behind the next Battle.net by Blizzard.
Greg Canessa (Project Director of Battle.net) explains the parts of Blizzards new Battle.Net
To me, it looks like a mix of Steam and Xfire-Client 😉

Here it is:

[url=http://www.gametrailers.com/player/61756.html]Blizzard Entertainment – Battle.net Preview[/url]

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