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CoD:MW2 – Mythbusters

CoD:MW2 – Mythbusters

Today I found some interesting YouTube videos made by the guys from ‘defend the house’ (http://www.defendthehouse.com/).
All popular games have some tricks and specials, that are true and others are absolutely nonsense.
These guys tested the most popular myths and show you if they are confimed or busted. 😛

Another language fail in MW2

Another language fail in MW2

After the translation error on the airport map (“муха” [the fly] instead of “летать” [flying or aviation]), Infinity Wards next translation bug showed up.
Now they mixed up Pakistan with all other arabic countries!
Maybe IW should invest one single day in deeper investigation. Google and Wikipedia may help for free 😛

Pakistani reader Saad was thrilled when he heard that Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was getting a multiplayer map set in the city he calls home, Karachi. That is, until he played it.

“I, being a Pakistani, was so excited at seeing a Karachi map and then immediately so disappointed when I played the map,” says the Karachi resident. The map has Arabic written all over, even though that isn’t the country’s language.

The country of Pakistan has two official lingos: English and Urdu. With somewhere between 60 and 80 million speakers of the standard language, Urdu has more speakers than, say, Italian, Korean or Polish.

“Infinity Ward probably thought, ‘Oh hey its a Muslim country so Arabic is the language,'” says Saad.

While Arabic and Urdu use the same script, the words are completely different. For example, the noun “people” is “al-naas” in Arabic (الناس), and “log” or “loug” (لوگ) in Urdu.

“To someone who doesn’t know urdu won’t be able to tell the difference,” Saad explains. “It’s like Spanish and English, I guess. Some letters are same, some are different but the words are completely different.”

There isn’t a single Urdu word on the entire Karachi map and no one writes in Arabic in Pakistan.

Read the original article here: [url=http://kotaku.com/5435354/something-modern-warfare-2-got-wrong-about-pakistan]something-modern-warfare-2-got-wrong-about-pakistan[/url]

Modern Warfare 2 is #1 on Torrent

Modern Warfare 2 is #1 on Torrent

Huh … no surprise for me:
Call of Duty: MW2 made it to the top of illegal torrent downloads.
Torrentfreaks charts of top torrent downloads showed 4,1 Million downloads of the PC version and 1 Million downloads of the XBox version.

I guess most downloaders didn’t want to play the crippled Multiplayer part anyhows and just downloaded it to play the SP part.

CoD: MW2 New Patch – new problems (on PC)

CoD: MW2 New Patch – new problems (on PC)

After the latest Patch (1.0.174) for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was published over Steam (and XBox Live + PSN), PC players are now facing new problems.
During patch install or when they want to join a hosted match for a multiplayer game, they receive following message:

“patch_mp.ff is different from the Server”

The console players have no problems, but PC players do!

Here is a workaround (until Infinity Ward gets their ass up and fix it):

Download and install a updated “patch_mp.ff”. You will get it here: [url=http://www.tobias-hartmann.net/?dl_id=24]<>[/url]

CoD:MW2 Multiplayer not free in future?

CoD:MW2 Multiplayer not free in future?

Some strange things happen around X-Mas. That is nothing new, but that things is far away from fun (if you have bought MW2):

A guy at gamerlobby.de wanted to play a quick multiplayer match of CoD6 with his boss, when he received a strange message from Steam:

“Dieses Spiel ist nicht mehr kostenlos verfügbar!” (This game is no longer available for free!)

Just a guess: Does IW plan to charge a monthly fee (like WoW)?

Who knows … maybe it was just a steam-error. The game works again now.

Read the original story here (german): [url=http://gamerlobby.de/news,id2647,call-duty-modern-warfare-2.html]gamerlobby.de[/url]

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