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BF:BC2 Vietnam 5th map released 0

BF:BC2 Vietnam 5th map released

1:0 for PC gamers! They have been the first to reach 69 Million teamaction points. So now the map “Operation Hastings” ist active for PC players. The console players just reached 50% of the...

BF: BC2 – Patch R9 for PC 0

BF: BC2 – Patch R9 for PC

Here is the complete fix-list for the patch – All Weapons Bronze Insignia requiring an unobtainable bronze star for the tracer dart – requirement removed. – Improved Hit registration made through several fixes and...

BFBC2 Stats Viewer 0.97 alpha is out

BFBC2 Stats Viewer 0.97 alpha is out

Found a nice stats tool for BFBC2. It is still alpha, but it seems to do its job 😛


With this software you can view your BFBC2 stats including overall stats, weapon stats, vehicle stats, pins, medals and archivements. Also you can modify your BFBC2 ingame settings. This is 0.97 alpha version. If you found some bugs, please report it.

You can get it here:
[url=]BFBC2 Stats Viwer Page at[/url]

Preview for BFBC2 stats viewer


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Server Files Updated

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Server Files Updated

Mar 19, 2010 at 11:20 AM
“We have just distributed a new server version named R7 to the server hosts. Early signs from the hosts are good with 20% less load on the server CPU, improved hit detection, Veteran rank handling is fixed so you should get your M1 Garand back now plus some other fixes to better help the server hosting companies and better management of Punkbuster IDs.”

# All dedicated servers are currently patching to the new server build just released by DICE, R7, which has quite a few fixes: Several common crash fixes. Especially those which have monitoring scripts that rely on the Remote Admin interface should see stability improvements.
# PunkBuster can send commands to Remote Admin interface (so ‘pb_sv_task 0 -1 ’ works)
# Veteran-rank handling corrected (it was broken in R6 and possibly earlier)
# Switched back to Release version of the low-level networking library; less debug output but higher performance
# Increased the initial server reconnection interval to 30+rand(30) seconds
# PB GUID generation is now based on EA account IDs (it used to be based on persona names)
# Added new command line options which allow providers to easily maintain server GUID’s

Found Here: