World of Warships: Naval Legends – USS Yorktown Teaser

Wargaming brought us a new teaser video for World of Warships:

Naval Legends – USS Yorktown Teaser

Today you can catch a glimpse of our development team walking the deck of the iconic USS Yorktown. Named after the Battle of Yorktown in the American Revolutionary War, this Essex-class aircraft carrier was the pride of the US Navy. Extremely durable and effective in carrying out missions in several campaigns during World War II, and the Korean and Vietnam wars, she also served as a recovery ship for the Apollo 8 space mission. Her eternal resting place is now at Patriot’s Point in South Carolina, where we sent our team to bring this majestic ship into the spotlight for our next installment of Naval Legends.
Be sure to stay tuned for the full episode in the coming days!

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