W.o.T. 7.0 update has been released successfully

Main changes to be implemented with the update v.7.0:

Added new maps – Swamp and Fjords.
Implemented the multicluster technology.
Added the camouflage feature. Camo purchase and its mounting are available in the game section ‘Exterior’.
Added levels of tank companies varied by tier: up to tier 4, up to tier 6, up to tier 8 and up to tier 10 (including tier 10). Implemented tier limits for SPGs, LTs, and TDs in up to tier 4, up to tier 6 and up to tier 8 battles.
Added the complaint system. You can choose the complaint type while in battle by right-clicking on the player’s nickname shown in the pop-up context menu.
Added a test system for recording and replaying battles. A ‘Record battle to replay’ setting saves battle videos in ‘Replays’ folder.
Reworked the minimap operation.
Reworked visual effects.
Added animated birds on several maps.

Download the Update (1.3 Gb) here or via Torrent

Or the full version (2.5 Gb) here or via Torrent

Read the full news at http://worldoftanks.eu

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