OFP2: Dragon Rising – Overwatch DLC

Right in time before holidays Codemasters released a second DLC for Operation Flashpoint 2: Overwatch (for XBox360 – others have to wait)
It shows up with two new multiplayer modes and two new fireteam engagements:

Blindside (for “Salt Flats” and “Island Control”): This mode is objective based. There is a attacking team, that has to complete three tasks (first two in no given order, before unlocking the third), while the defenders try to stop them. There will be a time limit to keep attackers pushing forward.

Friendly Skies: Objective here is to take out PLA-AA (anti-air) defences, before defending a counter-attack.

Hostile Takeover: To get a launchpad fo an attack, your team has to take and defend a small village.

Price and availability for the DLC:
– XBox360: 400 MS Points (somwhere listed with 500 Points), available NOW!
– PS3: 3,5 EUR (should be 3,19 GBP or 5 USD – not confirmed) available next year
– PC: Announced as free DLC, available next year

Here is a little bit eyecandy for it:

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