Starcraft: iCCup TV LIVE Streaming

With the 11th ICCup Season, there will be a LIVE Streaming Plugin (currently beta), that has its roots in the Lasgo Broodwar TV Observer Kit.
It is written by a coder named ‘Unk’ and it makes it possible to broadcast you replays live to another server without using a capturing tool.
You will need the ChaosLauncher for using it (but I guess most Starcraft players will use it anyhows :P).

Excerpt from iCCup page:

“So what the heck is this?

To clear up some confusion, these plugins basically let you:

1. Stream your games LIVE as your playing WITHOUT the use of a screen capture program, using the methods similar to saving replays, but instead of it being saved, it is broadcasted live for people to watch as you are playing.
2. Watch the LIVE streams of other players who have broadcast their games through the «iCCup TV Streamer» Plugin. It may look like your just watching a replay, however instead of watching a saved game, you are watching it as it happens live. (With a 3 minute delay of course, so you can’t use this for maphack >.>)

How does it work?

Long story short. All the player’s actions are sent to some server which we call «hub», and this hub streams all the required data to all other players”

Read the full story and how to get it here:

iCCup TV LIVE Streaming

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