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Great Vid: If Quake was done today

Sad, but true – I fully share the authors opinion: If Quake would have been released these days, it would look like in that video. Thanks for making that video, Kai!   Download article as PDF

LMO: Dreadleg’s Favorite Hat

How to find the achievement Dreadleg’s Favorite Hat!

World of Warships: Naval Legends – USS Yorktown Teaser

Wargaming brought us a new teaser video for World of Warships: Naval Legends – USS Yorktown Teaser Captains! Today you can catch a glimpse of our development team walking the deck of the iconic USS Yorktown. Named after the Battle of Yorktown in the American Revolutionary War, this Essex-class aircraft carrier was the pride of […]

Starcraft II mod: Armies of Azeroth

WarCraft: Armies Of Azeroth is Starcraft II based remake of WarCraft III, which adds new gameplay features, but saves original balance and graphical design with massive use of resources created by Blizzard Entertainment. That sounds very promising to me. I will keep a eye on it and test it as soon as possible 🙂 Download […]

BF4: Commander is back

Thank god – in Battlefield 4 we have a commander back. And he is no fighting commander 🙂 As a commander, you are out of Battle with a complete overview of the scene and you are giving airstrikes and supply-drops. And: You dont have to sit on your PC while you play – just a […]

WoT: RNG.No Comments.Episode 4

Episode 4 with great outtakes of World of Tanks ingame scenes Download article as PDF

World of Tanks – TOG II Tier 6 Premium Heavy Tank

Another nice review from BohemianEagle: Download article as PDF

World of Tanks. Tank of the Month – T-34 and T-34-85

I guess, I should (re-)buy the T34-85 again. It is one of the most fun tanks in the game 😉 Download article as PDF

World of Tanks – 8.5 Patch Preview

A nice preview by MightyJingles Download article as PDF

Battlefield 4 Trailer is out!

As expected, Battlefield 4 is announced for fall 2013. Here is a 17 minutes gameplay video: Download article as PDF