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WoT: Patch 8.1 goes live today

This morning, the patch 8.1 hits on the servers of the EU cluster. Wargaming will open the client-downloads later this day. There will be new/customized maps and the Britain tree will be released. Look for a overview of the map changes. Time to get my “tommy cooker” out of the garage 😉 Download article as […]

World of Tanks. Review of 8.1 Map Changes

Good news from patch 8.1. The new maps are looking great and I cant wait til they are out. And by the way: Stop whining about dragon ridge! Learn to play that darn game 😉 In this patch 4 other maps were reworked: Province, El Halluf, Dragon Ridge and Abbey. Let’s have a closer look […]

Battlefield 3: Aftermath Premiere Trailer

Quote from YouTube page: “This trailer provides a premiere look at our fourth multiplayer expansion pack Battlefield 3: Aftermath, where we throw players into an all-new harrowing environment: The shattered districts, streets and cities of post-earthquake Iran. Players will struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation, with heavily modified vehicles and the all-new crossbow […]

World of Tanks: Thats in Update 0.8.1!

Okay – just a quick summary: TechTree: “Version 8.1 will bring three complete [british] lines to research: light tanks, medium tanks and heavy tanks. British tank destroyers and self-propelled guns will be introduced in future updates.” Maps: […] new rendering and lighting to five more maps – Province, El Halluf, Dragon Ridge, Abbey and Prokhorovka […]

World of Tanks. 8.0 Review

A review of the latest patch by Download article as PDF

WoT Europe: 8.0 is coming tomorrow

Found here: The maintenance will take place on the 27th of September and will last from 5:00 CEST (3:00 GMT) until 13:00 CEST (11:00 GMT). Those players with an active premium account at the time of the maintenance on Thursday 27th September will receive one day’s worth of premium as compensation. In addition, Clan […]

World of Tanks Update 8.0 Teaser

Download article as PDF

World of Tanks Update 7.4 Trailer

The official video for the last update in W.o.T.: Download article as PDF

W.o.T: Patch 7.4 preliminary changelist

The next update v.7.4 is currently estimated to be released in June 2012. The patch will include: Changes in French Tech Tree: SPG: Renault BS Lorraine 39 L AM AMX 105 AM AMX-13 F3 AM Lorraine 155 (50) Lorraine 155 (51) Bat. Chatillon 155 TD: Renault FT AC Renault UE 57 Somua Sau 40 S […]

W.o.T.: Get free garage slots with patch 7.3!

Be quick – be prepared: With the changes in Patch 7.3 (announced to end of April) you have the chance to get up to three garage slots for free. “Players get one slot for the vehicle for free in garage;” What you need: Get these tanks in your garage: KV (keep in mind, that you […]