World of Tanks: Thats in Update 0.8.1!

Okay – just a quick summary:

“Version 8.1 will bring three complete [british] lines to research: light tanks, medium tanks and heavy tanks.
British tank destroyers and self-propelled guns will be introduced in future updates.”

[…] new rendering and lighting to five more maps – Province, El Halluf, Dragon Ridge, Abbey and Prokhorovka […]”
Yes – Dragon Ridge is back again then 😉

Premium Vehicles:
Soviet SU-122-44 and two Germans: the PzIV Schmalturm VI and the Panther M10.

Not confirmed (but plausible) found here –

M10 Panther

M10 Panther

Panther M10
Tier 7 german premium medium tank!

Max speed: 46
Backward speed: 20

– 7.5cm KwK 44 L / 70 with 135dmg and 150 pen
– 82 shells
– 4.5 sec reload
– 2.3 aim time

Price 8000 gold (???)

Pz IV Schmalturm

Panzer IV Schmalturm
Tier 6 medium tank

Max speed: 46
Backward speed: 18

Name: 7,5 cm KwK 42 L/70
Ammo: 80
Damage: 135/135/175 HP
Penetration: 150/194/38 mm
Rate of Fire: 13.13 r/m
Accuracy: 0.35 m
Aim Time: 2.29 s
Elevation: -6°/+17° —
Weight: 1,740 kg

Price: 3000 gold


Su 122-44

Su 122-44

Level 7 / Tank Destroyer
Price 10000 Gold
strength 850hp
Fornt- 90mm Side – 75mm, Rear- 45mm, Mantlet – to 120mm.
The crew
commander / radio operator
Max speed 47.5 km/h
traverse speed 42/s
Maximum weight 35 ton
engine 500 hp
Cannon: 122mm
Rate 8.11 rpm
0.41 Accuracy
Pen / Damage 175/390

Look here for original source of information:

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