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BF3 Open beta starts today

Today is THE day for all BF3 fans, that have not preordered. The open beta starts – and here are the timeframes: US Pacific time: 6 AM – 8 AM US Eastern time: 9 AM – 11 AM Europe: 3 PM – 5 PM Australia (AEST): 11 PM – 13 PM Japan: 10 PM -12 […]

BF3: Special BF3 beta Nvidia driver announced

Nvidia announced a special driver for Geforce graphics cards, that is taylormade for Battlefield 3. It will be released on Sept. 26 – just one day before the beta is released. They want to avoid the performance problems Nvidia had with Bad Company 2. Check for drivers here: Download article as PDF

BF3: Beta starts on September 29th

DICE has announced that the Battlefield 3 beta starts on September 29. Platform: all Map: Operation Metro Mode: Rush Download article as PDF

Splitscreen Studios to release Steel Legions

Games developer Splitscreen Studios from Hamburg, Germany announces the release of a new project, Steel Legions. The launch of the 3D browser game is planned for the second quarter of 2011. The closed beta phase has just started; those interested are invited to sign up at the official website. Read more about it HERE Download […]

Diablo III – Blizzard confirms Beta

Everything else would be a disappointment for the fans: Game director Jay Wilson (Blizzard) has announced at the in-house exhibition BlizzCon 2010, that there will be a Diablo III beta phase at the start. Initially, the test is reserved for Blizzard ‘families and friends “, but experience shows it will open later for any interested […]

Medal of Honor Exclusive Beta Event

Beta keys available to FilePlanet users worldwide!
Now open to all users!

Join the Medal of Honor beta and experience today’s warfare!
Choose your platform, PC or Playstation 3.
Your activation key will grant you access to either version of the game.

You will find more informations on

[url=]FilePlanet Beta Center[/url]

Stronghold Kingdoms will be free

“In 2010 thousands of lords and ladies will join the race for the crown in Firefly’s new free-to-play castle MMO. Sign up for news on how to be one of them!”

If you liked the Stonghold series in the past, that might be something for you: Stronghold Kingdoms will be available for free.
Just some advanced strategy options have to be paid, but they are not really necessary.

You can join the Beta here:


New StarCraft 2 Beta Wave Today

Another group of Starcraft fans received (or are receiving) their keys for the SC2 Beta.

The good thing: If you are not part of this wave, there is still hope, because Blizzard seems to release another wave soon.

Some statistics about BF:BC2 demo

As the demo will end on Feb., 25th, it now time to have a look at some statistics:

Demo-Downloads: 3,5 Million

500 Million Kills
30 Million Vehicle Kills
15 Million Knife Kills
10 Million Headshots
25 Million Revives

Woukd have been interesting to see the numbers for a really open-to-everyone beta 😛

BF:BC2 Beta Key for Amazon preorders confirmed

Good news for those, who want to play the Beta:

Amazon ann0unced on their german product page for BF:BC2, that every buyer, that orders the game until February, 18th, will receive a beta key:
[url=]Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Beta-Aktion[/url]

Bestellen Sie noch bis einschließlich 18. Februar 2010 Ihr Exemplar von Battlefield: Bad Company 2 für den PC vor und Sie erhalten einen Betakey, mit dem Sie an der BFBC2 PC Beta teilnehmen können.

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