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Great Vid: If Quake was done today

Sad, but true – I fully share the authors opinion: If Quake would have been released these days, it would look like in that video. Thanks for making that video, Kai!   Download article as PDF

LMO: Dreadleg’s Favorite Hat

How to find the achievement Dreadleg’s Favorite Hat!

World of Warships: Naval Legends – USS Yorktown Teaser

Wargaming brought us a new teaser video for World of Warships: Naval Legends – USS Yorktown Teaser Captains! Today you can catch a glimpse of our development team walking the deck of the iconic USS Yorktown. Named after the Battle of Yorktown in the American Revolutionary War, this Essex-class aircraft carrier was the pride of […]

FUN: Jedi Grandma

hahaha – that made my day 🙂 Download article as PDF

CoD: Teen Hospitalized After 96 Hour COD Marathon

OMG … he really has no life, no friends, no family? That may be a great excuse to force a gamer-lockout after several hours of continuous gaming. Download article as PDF

BF4: Commander is back

Thank god – in Battlefield 4 we have a commander back. And he is no fighting commander 🙂 As a commander, you are out of Battle with a complete overview of the scene and you are giving airstrikes and supply-drops. And: You dont have to sit on your PC while you play – just a […]

WoT: RNG.No Comments.Episode 4

Episode 4 with great outtakes of World of Tanks ingame scenes Download article as PDF

WoT: RNG.No Comments.Episode 3

Hahahaha – some godlike clips from WoT 🙂 Download article as PDF

World of Tanks – TOG II Tier 6 Premium Heavy Tank

Another nice review from BohemianEagle: Download article as PDF

World of Tanks. Tank of the Month – T-34 and T-34-85

I guess, I should (re-)buy the T34-85 again. It is one of the most fun tanks in the game 😉 Download article as PDF