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Battlefield 3: Aftermath Premiere Trailer

Quote from YouTube page: “This trailer provides a premiere look at our fourth multiplayer expansion pack Battlefield 3: Aftermath, where we throw players into an all-new harrowing environment: The shattered districts, streets and cities of post-earthquake Iran. Players will struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation, with heavily modified vehicles and the all-new crossbow […]

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Launch Trailer

Prepare for all-out vehicle warfare with Armored Kill! This trailer features never before seen gameplay from all four maps in Armored Kill — from the beautiful snow-capped Alborz Mountains to the biggest map in Battlefield history, Bandar Desert. Armored Kill features four new maps, six new vehicles with 20 unlocks, the new Tank Superiority game […]

BF3 servers and Origin downtime tomorrow

EA will have a server maintenence tomorrow: EA in Twitter: Battlefield 3 multiplayer, Battlelog, and Origin access will be interrupted July 18th from 10PM PST to 1:30AM PST July 19th. For germany it means a downtime at July, 19th from 7:00 to 10:30 Uhr. Guess we will get over it … and NO, they are […]

EA will launch “Battlefield™ Premium in June

Not that I would care about, but EA will start some sort of premium service named “Battlefield™ Premium”. It will be the equivalent to CoD Elite, where players pay a subscription fee or a one-time fee, to get new content or expansions. “Battlefield™ Premium will land you a number of content drops with unique in-game […]

BF3: Noob-Pack for 29,99 in Origin Store

EA released the »ultimate Shortcut-Bundles«. What do you get for 29,99 EUR? 119 weapons, gadgets/perks and vehicle-upgrades Why do I say noob-pack? Because if you play the game, you will get the unlocks anyhows. And for BF2, the unlock system was the ultimate reason to play on and on in the past. So you have […]

BF3 innovative commo rose

With the latest patch, EA/DICE brought the new (and so innovative *cough*) commo rose. Here is the BF3 example for vehicles: and here is the one in BF2: We are getting closer to BF2 again. In my eyes a good news Download article as PDF

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Gameplay Trailer

Download article as PDF

BF3: Three new expansion packs announced

EA/DICE have announced three new expansion packs for Battlefield 3: Battlefield 3: Close Quarters (June) Infantry expansion with new weapons and badges Battlefield 3: Armored Kill (Fall) Vehicle expansion, new tanks, APC and SPGs and big maps (and the biggest Battlefield map ever) Battlefield 3: End Game (Winter) (no details now) Download article as PDF

BF3: Confirmed fixes and tweaks for next patch

Here is the list of confirmed fixes for the next Battlefield 3 patch posted in Battlelog: GENERAL GAMEPLAY FIXES: -Players should no longer take fall damage from short falls. -Players now get up from Prone slightly faster, allowing better odds of getting away from a grenade or threat when prone. -Fixed some situations that would […]

BF3: ME3 bonus and February patch canceled

In – out, up – down! After their offer for ME3 pre-orders, now the Mass Effect bonus is canceled by EA. And by the way: There will be no patch for Battlefield 3 in February. No patch, no DLC, no news. A dead game? Sounds like: “We made our money with BF3 – lets bring […]