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Jagged Alliance Online – Tactical MMO

Oooohhhh … good old times! 😉 It’s a classic and it’s back online: Gamigo presents Jagged Alliance Online – Tactical MMO ———————-snip——————————— About Jagged Alliance Online Jagged Alliance Online brings a classic turn-based strategy game back to life. With modern graphics, proven games mechanics and elaborate AI, the browser game fits perfectly into the footsteps […]

WoT: September, 25th New Update Version 0.8.0 for RU players

Update 0.8.0 is available for download on russian servers. That means, that it is close to be released on EU and NA Servers, too. You can use the ingame updater or download it on Full Client (3,7 GB): Download latest client full Update from 7.5 (1,3 GB): Latest Patch Torrent Source: Torrent File I cant […]

Max Payne3: Rockstar’s Banhammer locks cheaters together

Hahaha … Rockstar Games found a funny solution for the cheater problem: Instead of a perma-ban or other things like that, they will lock all cheaters together on special servers. So they can continue using their hacks and cheats, but they will only meet the other cheat-using riffraff. Regular players will stay on normal servers. […]


Sony is going to buy Gaikai, a cloud gaming provider. Read details here. Gaikai is not prviding end-user-business, but they offer their gaming cloud network to companies like EA, who stream game demos and some games over browser. The client just receives a video-audio-stream and sends control commands to the server. The calculations are all […]

Diablo III – open beta test open for all

Those who previously could not even get a beta access for Diablo III may look forward to next weekend with an open beta test! Starting this Friday (20/04/2012 21:01 clock) to Monday (4/23/2012 at 19:00 clock) to all interested players must download the client. You only need a account, which you can sign up […]

Das Star Wars: The Old Republic Gratis-Testwochenende ist da!

Das Star Wars: The Old Republic Gratis-Testwochenende ist da! Von Donnerstag, 19. April, 07:01 Uhr MESZ bis Montag, 23. April, 09:00 Uhr MESZ. Der Zugang zum Gratis-Testwochenende ist begrenzt – also nicht warten, sondern direkt loslegen! Die Testversion ist nur für Spieler in Regionen erhältlich, in denen Star Wars: The Old Republic vertrieben wird. Mehr […]

Reserve your Warface ID now!, the official web site for Crytek’s first free social FPS Service Warface, opens today for closed beta sign-ups and gives everyone interested the possibility to reserve their unique Warface ID. For reservation of your ID and for further information visit their website: Download article as PDF

Blacklight Retribution

Always on the search for a good FPS, I found “Blacklight Retribution”. It is free 2 play and – from what I have seen on videos – it seems to be a decent FPS game. It is based on the well known Unreal Engine 3 and supports Direct X 11. You can get a account […]

MS Flight: Release date and DLC details

Microsoft unveiled the release date for Microsoft Flight: February, 29th. That game is a free-2-play flight sim and you will be able to play single player and multiplayer. In a first step, you will get the biggest island of Hawaii to learn how to fly and to explore the island. The free version will be […]

Diablo III Hardware requirements for PC and Mac

Blizzard Entertainment uncovered the recommended hardware specs on They may change a bit until the final version is released, but they show more or less what you will need: Minimal PC-specs: Windows XP/Vista/7 with latest Service Pack DirectX 9.0c Intel Pentium D 2,8 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Nvidia GeForce 7800 GT […]

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