Beta-Time: Warface and Path of Exile

After World of Tank got a bit old and it turned out, that tanks above Tier VII eat all your ingame cash (what really pissed me off, when I tried to give my E-75 a chance), I bought Diablo III.
WTF? D3? Jepp … wanted to play something completely different after all that FPS and tank games.

And now, I can’t find enough time to test all the betas we got this week:

Warface” and “Path of Exile” opened their betas.

I will try to write some quick reviews soon. ATM, I can say, that PoE is close to the Diablo series with their characters, flasks and items. No surprise 😉

Warface looks really great. I only played the tutorial, but movement and graphics are great.
Will play it tonight :mrgreen:

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