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TF2 free for play 0

TF2 free for play

TeamFortress is free for play over Steam. Don’t know how long it is free to play, but I found it today, when I was searching around for a new lunchbreak game. Seems like there...

TF2: War is over and Free Weekend

TF2: War is over and Free Weekend

The [url=http://www.teamfortress.com/war]War![/url] is over and the patches will be available soon!
Who won? Nobody knows – but the soldiers distance was shrinked to 25 000 at the last update …

You want to play TeamFortress2 for free? Good news for you:

“In true tradition of class updates the Team Fortress 2 Free Weekend is now under way! The Free Weekend is open to all players around the world; all that is needed is a Steam account to join so [url=steam://install/440]play now![/url] Don’t have Team Fortress 2? Buy it for 50% off until Monday!
The Free Weekend ends Sunday December 20th at 1 PM PST.”

That requires a installed Steam client!