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World of Warplanes – Bringing World of Tanks into the Sky

Interesting overview presented by gamespot on YouTube. More information about the upgrade system and presets: Download article as PDF

World of Tanks. Show ‘ASAP’. Extra episode

Next one on YouTube: “After release of 0.8.0 update many questions have been risen by players about this update. That’s why we decided to release unscheduled series of ‘ASAP’ program, in which we will answer the majority of these questions. New medals, Platoon achievements, render, tracers… Many issues are covered. Just check out the video!” […]

World of Tanks. Explaining Mechanics – Camouflage brought a new video in their YouTube channel. Read here: We are happy to introduce a new episode of our video guide. This time it will be devoted to explaining the View Range and Camouflage game features. This guide contains some useful tips to understanding an important game mechanic but also shows you how […]

World of Tanks. Complete Guide to T-50-2

Download article as PDF

World of Tanks. Tank Academy, ep.1

Download article as PDF

Play Battlefield 3 in 3D

After the latest patch for BF3, it is possible to play Battlefield 3 completely in 3D. EA released a manual named: How to enable Stereoscopic 3D in Battlefield Here is the short version: 1. Enable Stereoscopic 3D in your graphics card settings (NVIDIA 3D Vision technology or AMD HD3D) 2. In BF3 go to Main/Options/Video […]

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