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Microsoft Xbox One E3 Press Conference: Battlefield 4 FAIL

Hahaha … found that on YouTube and that made my day! 🙂 Like he says: That can only happen in Battlefield 4 *lol* Download article as PDF

BF4: Commander is back

Thank god – in Battlefield 4 we have a commander back. And he is no fighting commander 🙂 As a commander, you are out of Battle with a complete overview of the scene and you are giving airstrikes and supply-drops. And: You dont have to sit on your PC while you play – just a […]

EA is bringing Battlefield 4 to E3

We all expected it – and so it comes to E3 EA is about to show off Battlefield 4 on E3. So we may get the preview of one of the biggest games on the biggest gaming event. Hoooray. Marketing machine will start rotating soon and should all be ready to throw our money into […]

Battlefield 4 Trailer is out!

As expected, Battlefield 4 is announced for fall 2013. Here is a 17 minutes gameplay video: Download article as PDF

EA: Origin for Mac

Not surprising to me, EA will launch the first test for “Origin on Mac”. Why not – EA is always out for your money. And Mac-Users seem to a have and spend a lot of it, so “Let us milk the cow” *lol* More infos here: Download article as PDF

Battlefield 10th Anniversary: Battlefield 2142 (2006)

Next official video for the 10th Battlefield anniversary: Download article as PDF

Battlefield 10th Anniversary: Battlefield Vietnam (2004)

Another classic … I prefer it over playing Battlefield 3 … really! Download article as PDF

Battlefield 10th Anniversary: Battlefield 2 (2005)

Whow … time rushes by. 10 year have gone by since EA created a game, that not sux ballz. 👿 Download article as PDF

Battlefield 10th Year Anniversary: Battlefield 1942 (2002)

Celebrating 10 years of Battlefield, this is one of the classic trailers produced for the game that started it all — Battlefield 1942. Read our retrospective of Battlefield 1942 at the Battlefield Blog Stay tuned as we continue the Battlefield 10 year anniversary with more retrospectives, classic trailers, developer interviews, and reveals of old school […]

BF3 servers and Origin downtime tomorrow

EA will have a server maintenence tomorrow: EA in Twitter: Battlefield 3 multiplayer, Battlelog, and Origin access will be interrupted July 18th from 10PM PST to 1:30AM PST July 19th. For germany it means a downtime at July, 19th from 7:00 to 10:30 Uhr. Guess we will get over it … and NO, they are […]