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A.V.A. – New Map: [Annihilation] Barricade

In January, we will receive a new Annihilation map: Barricade Download article as PDF

Warface New Year Trailer

A new trailer of Warface showing sme new weapons and the ingame shop, where you can change appeariance of your soldier. And some Multiplayer action. Looks like a Team Deathmatch scene. Reminds me of ijji’s A.V.A. Download article as PDF

A.V.A – New Map: [Co-op] Battle Gear Beginz – Dec. 2011

AVA got a new map. Looks very promising 🙂 Download article as PDF

A.V.A. – new escape map: E-Boat

The new A.V.A. map is out now: Escape mode map E-Boat Found a nice video: Download article as PDF

A.V.A content update on March 9th

We will have an A.V.A content update on March 9th from 11:00PM to 1:00AM (server time). In this update: New Map! New Cross Steal map, Conveyor! New Capsule Weapons! Snow Leopard M16A2 (Rifle Man) added to the Euro Capsule! Berretta M93RA (Secondary) added to the Permanent Capsule! New Weapons in the Weapon Shop! FN TPS […]