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Duke Nukem Forever: Multiplayer Infos

First screenshots of the upcoming “Duke Nukem Forever” The latest Official XBox Magazine had a preview of the MP: Game Modes: – DukeMatch, – Team DukeMatch, – Capture the babe – King of the Hill Equipment: – Jetpacks – fire weapons while shrinked – Mutators Maps: 10 maps (including Duke burger) More information about Duke […]

FEAR 3 – Halloween Horror Trailer

Okay – FEAR 3 is going to be released on March, 25th in germany (for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC) and here is a new Halloween Trailer from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment 😛 FEAR 3 wird in Deutschland am 25. März herauskommen (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 und Windows PC) und passend zu Halloween […]

Diablo III – Blizzard confirms Beta

Everything else would be a disappointment for the fans: Game director Jay Wilson (Blizzard) has announced at the in-house exhibition BlizzCon 2010, that there will be a Diablo III beta phase at the start. Initially, the test is reserved for Blizzard ‘families and friends “, but experience shows it will open later for any interested […]

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood I Fear No Man But God Trailer

A new Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood fan video created by Harcorextreme Hope you like it, too 🙂 Download article as PDF

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – The Story Trailer

Download article as PDF

Emergency 2012 – release date and website

Good news for all fans of the Emergency series:

The website for Emergency 2012 is online now and they present the release date for the new game!
It is expected to be released on October, 22nd 2010!

Take a look here: [url=][/url]

Medal of Honor Exclusive Beta Event

Beta keys available to FilePlanet users worldwide!
Now open to all users!

Join the Medal of Honor beta and experience today’s warfare!
Choose your platform, PC or Playstation 3.
Your activation key will grant you access to either version of the game.

You will find more informations on

[url=]FilePlanet Beta Center[/url]

SBKX Videogame – Engine Recording Session

How the sound makes it into the game 😛
That game is a MUST HAVE! :mrgreen:


Crysis2 Ingame Scenes video

Here is a video of Crytek´s Crysis 2 ingame scenes and the “Cryengine3” capabilities.
It was published on


Play Heavy Rain interactive game on PC

Heavy Rain is released for PS3 and there is no hope (atm) for a PC version,
but if you ever wanted to get that “Heavy Rain” gameplay feeling, I have good news for you:
PlaystationNordic published a “YouTube”-Version of the game!There you can play one sequence of the PS3 game on YouTube.
How it works: You see a scene and at the end, you get some decision-buttons.
Depending on what button you press, YouTube opens a different scene as next.


The original description of the YouTube page:

“This is the youtube version of the game Heavy Rain. Use the annotation buttons at the end of every clip to play.

Heavy Rain for Play-Station 3 will be released on February 24th 2010

Heavy Rain is a dark thriller that revolves around the hunt for a serial killer known as the Origami Killer.

Four people are drawn into this investigation for different reasons and as the clock ticks, they will be forced to ask themselves how far they are prepared to go. As you play the game, your actions and choices will have a tangible impact on the fates of these characters, and the way that the plot unfolds. Your every decision can have dramatic and unforeseen consequences making the gameplay experience uniquely dramatic and engrossing.”

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