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W.o.T.: Get easy 250.000 cash for Military Parade offers

As we have a special offer “Military Parade ” in World of Tanks these days, you may need some fast extra cash to buy modules. I did it that way: Login on W.o.T page and register your bonuscode for ‘Victory day Celebration’: ENDWAREU (guess its ENDWARNA for US servers) Then open depot and sell following […]

Free Bonus Code for World of Tanks (W.o.T) started a World of Tanks promotion, where you can receive free bonus codes. How do you get them: Create a account at (if you don’t have one). Login and open proceed to following page and click the picture: Now you get a small form, where you have to set the checkbox […]

Play Battlefield 3 in 3D

After the latest patch for BF3, it is possible to play Battlefield 3 completely in 3D. EA released a manual named: How to enable Stereoscopic 3D in Battlefield Here is the short version: 1. Enable Stereoscopic 3D in your graphics card settings (NVIDIA 3D Vision technology or AMD HD3D) 2. In BF3 go to Main/Options/Video […]

We moved to

Maybe some of you guys are a bit confused, but we moved the content from to
You will reach the content on both domains and we will keep that config for a while.
But you should get used to open from now on.

I got some strange effects with logging on at directly after changing the domain, but you should always be able to log in on
I guess it just happened, because I had so perform some changes step by step.

BF:Heroes – A Guide to Smart Engagements

A guide on how to outsmart the normal enemy player with a superior knowledge of weapons, abilities, and what the classes can do.

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