BF3: EA is diddling in Norway?

Next negative news about EA and Battlefield 3.
Seems like EA is manipulating the press news.
According to a report from Norway’s NRK news service “a number” of media outlets including and GameReactor have been denied a review copy.

Press representatives who have awarded relatively low ratings for Battlefield offshots, have allegedly not received specific review copies. Everyone else had to first fill out a questionnaire. There was asked, among other things, whether or not they prefer rather Battlefield or Call of Duty games and the experiences they had with the beta or at various pre-release gaming sessions.

They were also asked whether they are looking forward to Battlefield 3 or worry about the quality would be more worsen. Based on the answers, EA then decided that the magazine will get a test copy or not.
Some big Norwegian magazines have publicized this story now and complained that EA deliberately refused test copies. EA Norway responded with a terse apology and stated that the questionnaire was an error that is not repeated.

Poor EA – now they have to cheat to get new press ratings?


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