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WoT: Patch 8.1 goes live today

This morning, the patch 8.1 hits on the servers of the EU cluster. Wargaming will open the client-downloads later this day. There will be new/customized maps and the Britain tree will be released. Look for a overview of the map changes. Time to get my “tommy cooker” out of the garage 😉 Download article as […]

World of Tanks. IS-3 Review

Now another very informative video from WoT showing some important facts about the IS3 and how to master it. That all can be directly adopted to the gameplay with the IS. You just have to keep in mind, that the IS has not such bounce rate 🙂 —————— In today’s Video Review we will take […]

World of Tanks. Review of 8.1 Map Changes

Good news from patch 8.1. The new maps are looking great and I cant wait til they are out. And by the way: Stop whining about dragon ridge! Learn to play that darn game 😉 In this patch 4 other maps were reworked: Province, El Halluf, Dragon Ridge and Abbey. Let’s have a closer look […]

World of Tanks. ARL 44 Review

Again found some interesting stuff on their YouTube page: ————————– The video will tell you about the unique main gun and the quality of its armor. We’ll compare the ARL 44 to other tanks in the same Tier and show you why this tank is so special. We’ll also tell you what modules are the […]

World of Tanks.ELC AMX Review

Quote from their YouTube page: ————— Our video review of the various tanks in the game continues with a closer look at the French ELC AMX. If you want to learn how to master this unusual vehicle, you should check out our video review below. Not only do we describe the tank’s characteristics in detail, […]

World of Tanks. Tank Academy, ep.3

Quote from Youtube: In this episode you will learn about a secret that helped the indestructible Roman legions to win their victories over the disorganized crowds of barbarians. You will also find out the basics of how to apply this ancient tactics on the battlefields of the World of Tanks game. Download article as PDF

World of Warplanes Beta Key Aktion

Computerbild Spiele gibt kostenlose Beta-Keys für World of Warplanes heraus. Einfach auf dieser Seite auf das Bild klicken: Wenn noch Keys da sind, bekommt ihr eine Benachrichtigung und kurz darauf den key. Danach einfach bei World of Warplanes (eu-Seite) mit dem WoT Account anmelden. Und dann hier den Code eingeben: Danach könnt ihr […]

World of Tanks. Tank Academy, ep.1 + ep. 2

Its always good to gather all information you can get, so here are the forst two parts of their academy: (by the way: they have subtitles!) Download article as PDF

World of Tanks: Thats in Update 0.8.1!

Okay – just a quick summary: TechTree: “Version 8.1 will bring three complete [british] lines to research: light tanks, medium tanks and heavy tanks. British tank destroyers and self-propelled guns will be introduced in future updates.” Maps: […] new rendering and lighting to five more maps – Province, El Halluf, Dragon Ridge, Abbey and Prokhorovka […]

World of Tanks. 8.0 Review

A review of the latest patch by Download article as PDF

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