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LMO: Dreadleg’s Favorite Hat

How to find the achievement Dreadleg’s Favorite Hat!

World of Tanks. History of British tanks

Interesting film about the history of british tanks: Download article as PDF

World of Tanks. Explaining Mechanics – Penetration, Part 1

Found on their YouTube video space of Wargaming: Original description: We are happy to introduce a new episode of our ‘Explaining mechanics’ video. This time it will be devoted to explaining the armor penetration mechanics game features. This guide contains some useful tips to understanding an important game mechanic but also shows you how you […]

World of Tanks. Tank Academy, ep.1 + ep. 2

Its always good to gather all information you can get, so here are the forst two parts of their academy: (by the way: they have subtitles!) Download article as PDF

World of Tanks. Tier 2 & 3 SPG Review

Found on YouTube today: “In this review you will find some useful tactics that can be used while playing tier II and III SPGs and will also learn the differences between the starting SPGs of each nation within World of Tanks.Today we will take a closer look at what vehicles to destroy first and what […]