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World of Tanks: Thats in Update 0.8.1!

Okay – just a quick summary: TechTree: “Version 8.1 will bring three complete [british] lines to research: light tanks, medium tanks and heavy tanks. British tank destroyers and self-propelled guns will be introduced in future updates.” Maps: […] new rendering and lighting to five more maps – Province, El Halluf, Dragon Ridge, Abbey and Prokhorovka […]

World of Warplanes – Bringing World of Tanks into the Sky

Interesting overview presented by gamespot on YouTube. More information about the upgrade system and presets: Download article as PDF

World of Tanks. Show ‘ASAP’. Season 4, ep. 1

Found in their channel: “The new ‘season’ of ASAP series have started. Today featured guest is Michael Jivets, producer for World of Tanks. He will tell about some reasons behind making 8.0 update, physics and graphic engine. Also he will give some information about what will be next priority for World of Tanks Development team […]

World of Tanks. Explaining Mechanics – Camouflage brought a new video in their YouTube channel. Read here: We are happy to introduce a new episode of our video guide. This time it will be devoted to explaining the View Range and Camouflage game features. This guide contains some useful tips to understanding an important game mechanic but also shows you how […]

WoT Europe: 8.0 is coming tomorrow

Found here: The maintenance will take place on the 27th of September and will last from 5:00 CEST (3:00 GMT) until 13:00 CEST (11:00 GMT). Those players with an active premium account at the time of the maintenance on Thursday 27th September will receive one day’s worth of premium as compensation. In addition, Clan […]

World of Tanks Goes Browser

Wargaming today has unveiled details of World of Tanks Generals, a free-to-play, browser-based MMO game combining elements of real-time strategy and collectible card gameplay. World of Tanks Generals will feature gameplay focused on World War II and will allow players to engage in strategic and intense combat using various military units, including tanks, artillery and infantry. Players will also be able to research new technology, to buy […]

WoT: September, 25th New Update Version 0.8.0 for RU players

Update 0.8.0 is available for download on russian servers. That means, that it is close to be released on EU and NA Servers, too. You can use the ingame updater or download it on Full Client (3,7 GB): Download latest client full Update from 7.5 (1,3 GB): Latest Patch Torrent Source: Torrent File I cant […]

World of Tanks. New Soviet TD’s Review

More information about the 8.0 Update and the unveiled new Tankdestroyers What are characteristics of new Tank Destroyers? How do they look like? How they differ from current branch? These and many more questions are covered by the video: Download article as PDF

Warface – E3 2012 Gameplay

Nice preview 🙂 Download article as PDF

World of Tanks: British Tanks Trailer

World of Tanks will soon be invaded by some of the most powerful and iconic war machines from Great Britain. Players will get the chance to charge into battle in such recognizable vehicles like the Crusader, Black Prince, Centurion and Conqueror, decimating their opponents and attempting to balance their performance across two main vehicle types […]

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