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BF3: ME3 bonus and February patch canceled

In – out, up – down! After their offer for ME3 pre-orders, now the Mass Effect bonus is canceled by EA. And by the way: There will be no patch for Battlefield 3 in February. No patch, no DLC, no news. A dead game? Sounds like: “We made our money with BF3 – lets bring […]

BF3 on the way to irrelevance – Part II

OKAY … that is overkill for BF3: You get it for free now: If you pre-order Mass Effect 3 now over Origin, you will get a free copy of Battlefield 3 as a free origin-download. In my eyes, that’s it for BF3. EA totally messed up to create a Battlefield 2 sequel – and as […]

BF3: »Corrupted File/Memory [9808096]« after patch

Great business, EA! *cough* After installing the “minor patch” on PCs, players get kicked off servers with the message »Corrupted File/Memory [9808096]«. EA is aware of the error and promised to fix it asap. EA-Twitter Download article as PDF

BF3: Minor PC patch today

List of issues fixed: Support for Intel’s new Ivy Bridge product line (as yet unreleased) Fixes for two reproducible client crashes: Operation Firestorm- Conquest Large – Fixed a client crash when users spawn in certain vehicles. Canals – Rush – Fixed a client crash at the 2nd set of mcoms if the player drives a […]

Battlefield 3 Cover (Advait Nemlekar)

A very nice cover of the original BF3 sound. Someone should have told him, that he is wearing the wrong shirt *cough* *cod-mw3* *cough* Download here: Download article as PDF

Version 2.288 of the PB Client for BF3 has been released

A new Punkbuster version fpr BF3 is available now. After a lot of player had to deal with massive problems like “”Verbindung zum Spiel unterbrochen: Du wurdest von PunkBuster rausgeworfen. Grund: PunkBuster kicked player ‘XXX’ (for 0 minutes) … RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrB.exe driver failure (PnkBstrK.sys) ffab)”” And several false alarms by Antivir, Kasperski […]

BF3 on the way into irrelevance?

When a new game comes out and it is rated as one of the top games of the year, I keep a eye on how it performs. One indicator for the popularity and success is the price for it in several online-shops. So now I took a closer look at BF3 as it seemed to […]

Gameplay designer Alan Kertz left BF3 team

The Battlefield 3 gameplay designer Alan Ketrz, who was very active in informing the gaming communities about recent developments in BF3, left the BF3 team. He will continue working on new/other projects at DICE. Quote from  Demize/Twitter: Moving on from BF3, leaving the gameplay in the very capable hands of @gustavhalling and @stormonster. I will […]

Battlefield 3: Tundra Map, Comrose and Karkand Weapon Fix in February

Good news for all BF3 players: The next patch is on the way to be delivered. It should be released in February 2012: – Tundra map should be a “snow map” – QBU-88 Sniper Rifle and the MG36-LMG should now work perfect on all maps (not only Karkand Add-Ons) – Comrose will be back   […]

BF3: Physical Warfare Pack now free for all

It was first planned to be only a bonus content for pre-order customers, but now – it is Christmas time 🙂 – EA unlocked the Physical Warfare Pack for all Battlefield 3 players. The Physical Warfare Pack contains a Type 88 LMG, a Flash Suppressor for SKS sniper rifle and the well known DAO-12 shotgun […]

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