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BF:BC2: "VIP Map Pack" on March, 30th

On the same day, when Infinity Ward releases their DLC for MW2, EA/DICE will make the “VIP Map Pack” available.
VIP Map Pack 2 will enable players to play Arica Harbor in Conquest Mode and Laguna Presa in Rush Mode.

Arica Harbor Conquest mode – US Command launches a break through action directly at the Russian base.
Collateral damage is of no consequence. Capture and secure tactical positions in Conquest Mode across the vast Arica Harbor map.

Laguna Presa Rush mode – The valley and surrounding mountains possess a strategic value in the battle for South America,
and an infantry assault supported by light armor vehicles is likely by both armies as US forces defend the nearby Dam.

Read the full article here:

[url=]How to avoid “mapathy” without paying![/url]

Battlefield BC-2 Launch trailer HD

The official launch trailer:


BFBC2 – TV Commercial

The game will be released next week and here is the TV commercial:


By the way: The song is Lachrimae from Audiomachine 😉

Bad Company2 – Mappack (Day 1)

A new trailer, that shows several ingame scenes, taken in BF:BC2


Some statistics about BF:BC2 demo

As the demo will end on Feb., 25th, it now time to have a look at some statistics:

Demo-Downloads: 3,5 Million

500 Million Kills
30 Million Vehicle Kills
15 Million Knife Kills
10 Million Headshots
25 Million Revives

Woukd have been interesting to see the numbers for a really open-to-everyone beta 😛

BF:BC2 VIP-Code for DLC

Patrick Bach, Senior Producer @ DICE, told some reporters, that there will be a VIP-Code, that makes the promised DLC available for free.
BUT: You only get that VIP-Code, if you buy a NEW game-copy. If you buy a used one, you will have to pay 10 EUR or 800 MS Points for the access to the DLC.
A ugly smack for game-traders – because potential buyers have to add 10 EUR to their prices now.
Bach said, that they are going to release some new multiplayer maps at gamestart. But he said nothing about other possible downloadcontents.

We will see …

BF:BC 2 – Valentine’s Day Trailer

Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Valentine’s Day Trailer

I love that thing 😛


BF:BC2: No LAN, No Mods, but DLC

Today I found a short interview with Patrick Bach (Senior Producer) on
He told them, that in BF:BC2 will be

– no LAN gameplay
– no Mod-Tools

but there will be DLC (for free and for cash 😛 ).

He says, that this is the situation for the first release date of BC2 and that there may (or may not) be some options to enable these features in later versions/updates.

I guess they will have to find a solution for LAN games. Even if the main target group is NOT the hardcore-ladder player.
But I think that is the price for publishing a console game for PCs 😈

Full story [url=]HERE[/url]

BF:BC2 comes with WW2 mission!

Surprisingly to me, BF:BC2 seems to contain a mission, that is located in a World War II environment.
That is, what the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) states in their rating-comment for Bad Company 2.

“In single-player mode, players conduct missions on an unnamed Japanese island during World War II and then move into the modern day through jungles, deserts, and snowy terrain.”

Read the full rating here:
[url=]Rating Information[/url]

BF:BC2 Beta Key for Amazon preorders confirmed

Good news for those, who want to play the Beta:

Amazon ann0unced on their german product page for BF:BC2, that every buyer, that orders the game until February, 18th, will receive a beta key:
[url=]Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Beta-Aktion[/url]

Bestellen Sie noch bis einschließlich 18. Februar 2010 Ihr Exemplar von Battlefield: Bad Company 2 für den PC vor und Sie erhalten einen Betakey, mit dem Sie an der BFBC2 PC Beta teilnehmen können.

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