World of Tanks – 8.5 Patch Preview

A nice preview by MightyJingles

Battlefield 4 Trailer is out!

As expected, Battlefield 4 is announced for fall 2013.
Here is a 17 minutes gameplay video:

Steam4Linux: Counterstrike-Beta

After the release of a Half-Life 1 beta for Steam for Linux, you can now test Counterstrike on Linux.
Whow – things get intresting 🙂

It is not listed to be ‘linux-ready’ in the Steam Apps list, but if you have it in your games list, you will see the beta in the linux games list.

Great job! Hope they keep up porting a lot of other games for it.

EA: Origin for Mac

Not surprising to me, EA will launch the first test for “Origin on Mac”.
Why not – EA is always out for your money. And Mac-Users seem to a have and spend a lot of it, so “Let us milk the cow” *lol*

More infos here:

Steam 4 Linux: Half Life is out!

I always keep a Windooze gaming rig running, because most really cool games are made for Microsoft OS and consoles.
Maybe things will change soon. 🙂
After porting Steam to Linux, they started now to get some cool games running on Linux now.
First punch was TeamFortress 2, which is free-to-play since summer. So a perfect test for the new platform.
Now the published HalfLife 1 on .
You can get it for 9,99 EUR. Momentary, it is not listed for linux, but it is available for it. 🙂

Time to get that running on my Ubuntu *grin*
64 game entries in the linux-list. Seems, like the number is getting bigger …

Beta-Time: Warface and Path of Exile

After World of Tank got a bit old and it turned out, that tanks above Tier VII eat all your ingame cash (what really pissed me off, when I tried to give my E-75 a chance), I bought Diablo III.
WTF? D3? Jepp … wanted to play something completely different after all that FPS and tank games.

And now, I can’t find enough time to test all the betas we got this week:

Warface” and “Path of Exile” opened their betas.

I will try to write some quick reviews soon. ATM, I can say, that PoE is close to the Diablo series with their characters, flasks and items. No surprise 😉

Warface looks really great. I only played the tutorial, but movement and graphics are great.
Will play it tonight :mrgreen:

World of Tanks. IV and V Artillery Review

WoT: The chinese are coming

I hope these mediums with big guns are really good 🙂

Ghost Recon Online : Launch Trailer

Brand new tactical free-to-play shooter Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online has just been released! In this trailer, discover the game’s three classes, Assault, Recon and Specialist, their electronic devices and find out how much teamplay matters to dominate your enemies in merciless battlefields.

World of Tanks. History of British tanks

Interesting film about the history of british tanks:

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