Warthunder: Golden Victories in War Thunder! Earn up to 600 Golden Eagles

Participate in Gaijins latest GE event “Golden Victories!”, this Sunday, January the 11th. Win battles in War Thunder and be rewarded with Golden Eagles! Also, fulfil ‘heroic deeds’, by reaching first place in a victorious battle and get even more Golden Eagles!

You can perform the tasks on January 11th
between 02:00 to 04:00 GMT or 17:00 to 19:00 GMT

For US and other American users that is (in Central Standard Time):
January 10th between 20.00 and 22.00 CST or January 11th between 11.00 to 13.00 CST

Complete “Golden Victories!” and receive:

50 Golden Eagles for the second victory.
100 Golden Eagles for the third victory.
150 Golden Eagles for the fifth victory.

Requirements: Win a War Thunder battle, using rank I – V vehicles, 75% activity.

Complete “Heroic Deeds” and receive:
50 Golden Eagles for the first victory with first place in a battle.
100 Golden Eagles for the third victory with first place in a battle.
150 Golden Eagles for fifth win with first place in a battle.

Requirements: Win a War Thunder battle, and achieve first place in the final table of results for combat. Earn in battle not less than 900 points in arcade mode or not less than 600 points in a realistic or simulator battle, using rank II – V vehicles, 75% activity.

You can get gold bonuses for both tasks at the same time! f you do not have time to perform the task in the first phase, you can continue during the second phase. A maximum of 600 Golden Eagles can be earned in total between the two different tasks and tasks are not repeatable.

FUN: Jedi Grandma

hahaha – that made my day 🙂

CoD: Teen Hospitalized After 96 Hour COD Marathon

OMG … he really has no life, no friends, no family?

That may be a great excuse to force a gamer-lockout after several hours of continuous gaming.

Microsoft Xbox One E3 Press Conference: Battlefield 4 FAIL

Hahaha … found that on YouTube and that made my day! 🙂
Like he says: That can only happen in Battlefield 4 *lol*

BF4: Commander is back

Thank god – in Battlefield 4 we have a commander back.
And he is no fighting commander 🙂
As a commander, you are out of Battle with a complete overview of the scene and you are giving airstrikes and supply-drops.
And: You dont have to sit on your PC while you play – just a tablet is needed … so be prepared for school and toilet commanders *lol*

WoT: RNG.No Comments.Episode 4

Episode 4 with great outtakes of World of Tanks ingame scenes

EA is bringing Battlefield 4 to E3

We all expected it – and so it comes to E3

EA is about to show off Battlefield 4 on E3. So we may get the preview of one of the biggest games on the biggest gaming event. Hoooray.
Marketing machine will start rotating soon and should all be ready to throw our money into EAs wallet about holiday season.
They will publish it for PC and the current consoles and maybe they will surprise us with the news, that it will be supported on PS4 and Xbox One.

You see … I am not too excited about Battlefield series news, since they killed it with Battlefield 3 😉

By the way: If you are interested in reporting news and articles about Battlefield 4 – let me know.

WoT: RNG.No Comments.Episode 3

Hahahaha – some godlike clips from WoT 🙂

World of Tanks – TOG II Tier 6 Premium Heavy Tank

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