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Battlefield 10th Anniversary: Battlefield 2 (2005)

Whow … time rushes by. 10 year have gone by since EA created a game, that not sux ballz. 👿 Download article as PDF

BF3 innovative commo rose

With the latest patch, EA/DICE brought the new (and so innovative *cough*) commo rose. Here is the BF3 example for vehicles: and here is the one in BF2: We are getting closer to BF2 again. In my eyes a good news Download article as PDF

Project Reality v0.9

Over the past 6 months, both Project Reality Studios and Black Sand Studios have been rigorously working on creating, tweaking and testing the latest installment of Project Reality; v0.9.

Battlefield 2 Patch History Movie 2009

Found that one today 🙂 Enjoy! Download article as PDF

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