Sony is going to buy Gaikai, a cloud gaming provider.
Read details here.

Gaikai is not prviding end-user-business, but they offer their gaming cloud network to companies like EA, who stream game demos and some games over browser.
The client just receives a video-audio-stream and sends control commands to the server. The calculations are all done on the Gaikai-gaming server. Therefore, it is possible to get games running with lower hardware-specs, as long as the bandwith is big enough (5 MBit/s for 720p).

The idea might be to bring the next generation playstation successor with lower hardware specs, which will mean, that they don’t have to invest in high end CPU.
Side effect might be, that there are no annoying cooling fans and less power consumption.

You can try that on their homepage, where they offer some games for free:

Sounds like a good way to keep consoles cheap – as long as you have enough bandwith. 😉

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