W.o.T.: Get easy 250.000 cash for Military Parade offers

W.o.T. LogoAs we have a special offer “Military Parade ” in World of Tanks these days, you may need some fast extra cash to buy modules.
I did it that way:

Login on W.o.T page and register your bonuscode for ‘Victory day Celebration’: ENDWAREU (guess its ENDWARNA for US servers)

Then open depot and sell following – in my eyes useless – items:

5 x Extra Combat Rations
5 x Case of Cola
5 x Chocolate
5 x Improved Combat Rations
5 x Strong Coffee

You will get 10.000 for every sold item, so that you will have 250.000 in sum.
When you need more money, you should take a look at the KV-1 and decide, if you really need that Tier V tank in your garage. :mrgreen:

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