MS Flight: Release date and DLC details

Microsoft unveiled the release date for Microsoft Flight: February, 29th.
That game is a free-2-play flight sim and you will be able to play single player and multiplayer.
In a first step, you will get the biggest island of Hawaii to learn how to fly and to explore the island.
The free version will be limited to one plane, but there will be more in future releases.
If you want new stuff asap, you have the choice to buy new DLCs
The “Hawaiian Adventure Pack” (1.600 MS Points / 20 EUR) will open a bigger map for you and lets you explore other islands around Hawaii.
That pack will give you the “Vans RV-6A”´, new Missions and Challanges to earn XP.
Other DLCs:
Maule M-7-260C (1.200 MS Points / 15 EUR) – a little one-engine plane to operate on jungle runways and act as a kind of jungle pilot.
North American P-51 Mustang (640 MS Points / 8 EUR) – a very manoeuvrable fighter plane from World War II.

I will give it a try …

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