Gameplay designer Alan Kertz left BF3 team

The Battlefield 3 gameplay designer Alan Ketrz, who was very active in informing the gaming communities about recent developments in BF3, left the BF3 team. He will continue working on new/other projects at DICE.

Quote from  Demize/Twitter:
Moving on from BF3, leaving the gameplay in the very capable hands of @gustavhalling and @stormonster. I will still read and pass on OFC!

Don’t get these news wrong: He is leaving the project – not DICE:
And no, I’m not leaving DICE. Just departing from the team that’s still diligently working on BF3.
found here

We can only speculate on what projects he is working now, but wasn’t there a hint on BF2143?
See more here: Battlefield 2143 under development?

Battlefield 2143 under development?

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