W.o.T.: French tank in official video spottet

Wargaming.net released a interesting video about the news in upcoming patch 7.0. Lead designer Michael Jivets unveiled some interesting facts:
They will start a server cluster to improve load-balancing and to let the users choose servers.
Ingame chat will be available across these servers.
Minimap will get some improvements. Example: If someone is calling for help, it is displayed there.
Gun-Traces will be displayed: If you are observing a hideout and the enemy shoots, you will be able to see the traces of his shot and use that to locate him. Useful for SPG 🙂
Camo skins will be available for ingame currency (limited period) or for gold (unlimited).

And last but not least:
I have spottet a french tank in the video 🙂

French tank in official W.o.T. video

Here is the video:

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