Doom3: Sourcecode is now available

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id Software has published the source code for the Doom3 engine under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.
That means, that developers are now able to work with the code to create new games, improve the engine or write Doom3 ports for other platforms.
The gamefiles (textures, music and models) are NOT under GPL. They are still protected by copyrights.
John Carmack had to customize the code before setting it under GPL, because he used the “Depth Fail” method to calculate shadows. That part is protected by Creative Labs (Depth Fail explained here).
That “rewrite” didn’t stress Carmack too much. He posted on twitter, that his “workaround” just added four lines and changed two, to get away from the patent trap, what – in his eyes – “shows the idiocy of the patent”. (Read the comment on Twitter: @ID_AA_Carmack

Here is the GitHub link:
Doom 3 GPL source release

I hope, we will hear about new Doom-3 engine games soon 🙂

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